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Welcome to Foddey Feayn, just another fanfic recommendation site. Pretty much this is a resource for myself, a way of keeping track of those fics that I've read and enjoyed more than once, and in the narcissistic way of the internet, assuming that other people might care about what I've enjoyed reading.

This site mainly lists fic for Harry Potter (Remus/Sirius), House (House/Wilson), Sherlock BBC (Sherlock/John) and Starsky & Hutch (Starsky/Hutch). The Others page contains a smattering of fic for The Avengers, Boondock Saints, Cold Case: Forever Blue, Discworld, The Fugitive (movie), Good Omens, Inception, LOTR RPS, Reservoir Dogs, Wire in the Blood and X-Men: First Class.

June 18 2013:
Added a few fics in the Other section for The Avengers (Tony/Bruce) and Inception (Arthur/Eames)
April 04 2012:
So it's been two years since I've updated... Oops. Who knew working full-time would do that to a person? Anyways, I've added a section for Sherlock BBC slash, and a mini section for X-Men: First Class - two things that blew my mind this past year. There are probably a lot of dead links throughout, I'll have to take some time to do some house-keeping.

April 11 2010:
One new rec for HP: Reservoirs (Jenny Wren)

I try my best to keep up with the links, fixing broken ones and the like, but if something isn't working please let me know. In the same vein, if you are the author of a story and want the link removed, just say so.