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There was a time when I refused to read the HP books. Well, eventually I picked them up and fell hard for Remus and Sirius, and even harder for them together. I love everyone to be happy, I adore fluff and domestic bliss and Marauder-era relationships, but if I ignored all the angst and hurt in this fandom I'd be missing out on a serious chunk and a lot of high quality writing. So herein there are pieces that can make you cry and ones that can pick you up afterwards, such a strange mix of joy and heartbreak. I guess that's this pairing, really. Nearly everything on this page is Remus/Sirius - there is some incidental James/Lily and even a couple of gen fics, but the emphasis is on Moony/Padfoot because that's what I love.

Currently: 48 recs

A Few Mornings in January - omgsubtext
PG13. r/s. Pure fluff. Like, what little plot there is was spun from sugar. This made me laugh and smile. It's happy!

Ages of Ink - Sam Vimes
PG. r/s. Every picture tells a story, especially the ones Sirius carries with him always. Tattoos. Also rec the remix below.

Alive - Sam Vimes
r/s. Remus thinks he's insane. I love it! One of my absolute favorites.

All That Glitters - vicious lullaby
PG13. r/s.For all that she was the brightest witch of her age, sometimes Hermione Granger’s assumptions could be a little bit … off. Cracks me up. And I can totally imagine this, and it's hot.

A Measure of Darkness - Donna Immaculata
r/s. Peter's POV. Detached and dark and sad. I love the interaction between Sirius and Remus.

As Red As Hearts and Autumn and Winter of Discontent - Jenny Wren
Pre-slash to slash. The link goes to the last part, where you can find the links to parts 1 - 29 (out of 31). I know it's a bit confusing but I couldn't find a better place to link to. Anyway this fic, or series, is amazing. I love it so much. There is plot outside of the developing relationship which makes the whole story that much more wonderful and interesting. I just love this. For Winter of Discontent, which is also brilliant, I couldn't find a specific link to the fic which contains all the parts, so it takes you to a stories page. Scroll down until "1979", Winter of Discontent is the first story listed for that year.

Beyond the Veil - Helene
PG13. r/s. Trapped in a world where he can be neither seen nor heard, Sirius Black struggles to communicate to his friends that he may not be as dead as they think he is... and that something dreadful lurks beyond the veil. Ten chapters, a good lengthy read.

Boiling Point - anniesj
NC17. r/s. Six hours stuck in a closet with someone you love -- it's the best kind of hell imaginable. This is wonderful, just brilliant, amazing to read. The paper iris and the scars just kill me.

Charms, and their Forgetting - Cate
PG. r/s. It's Sirius Black's first winter since leaving Hogwarts, and he's unimpressed. Remus helps out with a newspaper, a charm, and a whole lot of taunting. Fluff, but it's so wonderful to see the puppies having fun.

Copy of Report on Surprise Inspection of Case #14568 - Treemonisha
R. r/s. Copy of a report filed at Office for Werewolf Support Services, Being Division, Ministry of Magic. Short and amusing!

Dear Harry - penknife
r/s. Five letters Remus Lupin never mailed to Harry Potter. Set during HBP. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Harry, but Remus breaks my heart.

Discovery - Dev-Aki Basaa
R. r/s. If one other person could see Black for what he was, Lily would feel a hundred times better. Mostly Lily-POV, a look at the pups that I really enjoy.

Dreams to Believe - setissma
PG-13. r/s. Agreeing to go home for Christmas with James and Sirius, Remus decided, had been one of the worst decisions he’d ever made. This one makes me giggle and "awwww" in happiness.

Earl Grey, Hot - Rusalka
R. r/s. Doofy 15-year-old-boys in love. Much to smile about here. The descriptive language is just wonderful, I can definitely understand what Sirius is drooling after. ;D

Enlightenment - dollsome
PG. r/s. Tonks is smitten, Remus is oblivious, and Sirius is determined to enlighten him. Sweet, adorable and happy...though the last line does punch you in the gut.

Every Love and Each Regret - Leashy Bebes
r/s. Taking the pups through 6th year until an AU post-war scenario.

Fires of Bone - ignipes
R. r/s. October, 1981. It has been a long time since Remus Lupin believed in tomorrow. An AU (but not in the bad "let's pretend they were cowboys or sailors or circus clowns" way) that is so beautifully written and so wonderful. If only they had talked to each other, if only events had gone a little differently that October...(well, there'd be no books, but that's not the point, is it?).

Go Down Laughing - Mrs Ron Weasley
r/s. James' POV. I love these outside perspective pieces. Very sweet.

Happy To Be Your Fool - Thistlerose
NC17. r/s. Sometimes Sirius has trouble sharing. A charming look at the boys trying to work out cohabitation.

hot ice and wondrous strange snow - victoria p.
PG. r/s. Sirius is sick, but that's not why he's miserable.

Into the Gloaming - Midnitemarauder
PG. r/s. This is so sad. Oh, Remus. The marriage stone kills me. Waaah.

Lord of Misrule - victoria p.
R. r/s. In which Harry finds out, Remus reminisces, and Sirius gets caught up in the holiday spirit. I adore Sirius in this story.

Mapmakers (Making Moony Laugh: the Suicide Is Painless Remix) - Casira
PG13. r/s. Discovering just who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are brings up even more questions for Fred -- and when fate takes another of them away, it's time to go back to the source for some answers. One of the only pieces that has ever made me cry - and still does, every time.

Mother Knows Best - victoria p.
PG13. r/s. Molly Weasley tries her hand at matchmaking. Wackiness ensues. Truly hysterical, lovely descriptions of the characters, really just lots of fun.

On Being a Marauder - smartlikejustin
r/s. Adorable.

Play It Again - kabeyk
NC17. r/s. Sirius likes to watch Remus play the piano. Honest to god one of the best things I've ever read. Beautiful, unimaginably hot and sexy, and a little bit of sweet, too. Plus, hands and music and rings...Read it while listening to "Moonlight Sonata" and it's even better.

Reservoirs - Jenny Wren
Brilliant, fabulous, beautiful. When Sirius gets recognized as a Black due to his cheekbones, and asked if he's of the scheming variety or the lunatic strain? Made my freaking day. Maybe my absolute favorite puppy-fic author.

Sailed On Shooting Stars - Amy
r/s. Weddings don’t change anything that really matters.

Sheets - eponymous x
PG13. r/s, r/tonks. Remus’ relationship with Sirius, as viewed through the lens of something exceedingly common. 1975 through 1997. Absolutely heart-breaking. I seriously cried.

Shoebox Project - ladyjaida & dorkorific
The ultimate Marauder fic. It's technically a WIP, but it's massive and well-worth reading now. It's just...amazing. Beautiful. So creative. It evokes pretty much every emotion possible. I can't say enough about this - when I found it, I read and read for hours, slept, and then woke up and read and read and read until I finally finished it. Fantastic. The link above is to the PDF file. You can find the livejournal version here if you prefer, but keep the PDF handy as not all of the pictures work on the LJ version, especially in the older parts.

Sing My Heart - Persica
NC17. r/s. Some people press their memories between the pages of a scrapbook. Sirius has music. A gorgeous, aching post-Azkaban story.

Slackened Ties - Persica
NC17. r/s. Boys, school uniforms, and a heat wave.

Sprog of Prongs - Torch Songs
PG. r/s, jp/le. James has news for his friends. James' POV. I love cohabitating puppies, and as always I have a weakness for outside perspective on R/S.

Straight On Till Morning - victoria p.
R. r/s. Remus believes. An interesting take on what the Veil is, what is beyond it, and what happens when Harry defeats Voldemort.

that the science of cartography is limited - dorkorific
R. r/s. There is a part of Remus that not only believes, but knows, that Sirius will come back. Just gorgeous. Depressing as all hell.

The Best Man - Rochefort
r/s. Sex in a very public place. Honestly gets me laughing outloud.

The Collar - Fanwank Avenger
r/s. Glorious, simply glorious. This piece took my breath away, quite literally.

The Prodigal - Lambchop
NC17. r/s. Sirius returns. First off I love fics where Sirius comes back from beyond the Veil. I live in denial, okay? Second, it's so great to read a post-Azkaban R/S story that induces uncontrollable smiling as opposed to uncontrollable tears.

The Stars Are Not Wanted Now - interrobanging
NC17. r/s. He wears the robe because it still smells like Sirius. Terribly, terribly sad with lovely use of poetry.

This One's For You - thistlerose
R. r/s. The baffled queen king composing hallelujah. A story that manages to be both sappy and a bit painful at the same time.

Till All My Skin Was Gone (The Homes That I Have Loved Remix) - Mousapelli
R. r/s. He showed the boy his tattoos, all of them, explaining what each one meant. Harry listened raptly, eyes following the lines first of childhood daring, then of adult devotion, and of prisoner suffering. This one is beautiful. It hurts, though. I cried.

Turnabout - Sam Vimes
R. r/s. Sirius likes playing games, and Remus doesn't like it when he plays them during work hours. But Remus has a trick or two of his own up his sleeve... Incredibly hot...and in a library.

untitled - lupercali
r/s. This may very well have a title, I just wasn't able to find it. Hot and sweet little piece.

Two Weaknesses - victoria p.
PG. r/s. "For the first time since she's known him, Sirius Black sounds fragile and looks lost." Lily's POV.

When you're gone - romanculus ex
r/s and kind of r/tonks. Remus refuses to sleep in the bedroom, or wash the shirt in the hall; he also has a rather odd collection of dog ornaments. Tonks tries to find out why. Christ this fandom is depressing. Remus is so sad and really sort of crazy here.

Who Wrote the Book - Canis M.
R. r/s. Domestic bliss. This is beautiful, wonderful, makes me wiggle with joy.

Written By Hand - setissma
r/s. When Remus has to go to Romania for a summer, he takes the only thing he can: pieces of everyone. Somehow, he ends up taking a bigger piece of someone than he might have hoped. This is just staggeringly beautiful. A painful favorite.