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About Blue & BAKC

I've been playing petz for something like 10 years, and have had BAKC almost as long.

I'm 23 years old and I have a degree in biology from a really good little school.

I love rats, like to sleep, want to start an animal rescue and hope to someday come into possession of a hundred million dollars.

Vegetarian since August 1998, vegan since June 2008.

I interned at Farm Sanctuary during June, July and August 2008. I slogged through shit, came home each day exhausted and aching and stinking, was attacked by roosters, bottlefed piglets, lambs and goat kids, became best friends with a geriatric chicken, had animals live and die in my arms...and pretty much had the most amazing time of my entire life.

My rattie boys

BAKC came into being approximately 10 million years ago when Petz II was out. It was originally called Bluemajik's Kennel and Cattery. I actually started the site because I wanted to host petz shows - and this was back when shows relied on visitors voting to determine the winner.

I used horrible site builders and MSPaint and it was all pretty ugly. After a few years I eventually learned the cobbled-together bastard version of html that I am still using today. It wasn't until 2002 that I started taking screenshots of site layouts before changing them and, honestly, that's probably for the best.

Previous layouts

[there is one missing here, guess I forgot the screencap]