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Catz Litters

The following are all beautiful, natural catz litters. Enjoy them! Names that are bold and struck out belong to adopted pets. Remember, some are freebies! I do not use file trimmers or anything else that would alter the family trees of these petz.

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Wowness was sent in to be bred with Major Tom. Hex free, small files.
Monifa CaligulaCorbie Crimea Ferro [m]

Goal was sent in to be bred with Streetwalker. These kitties are hex free and have small files. Freebies.
Disuse Toxophobia [m] Elation Thibble Krompir

Requested litter.What pretty babies! My favorite is Bentham. File sizes: 260 kb
Ossuary Disturbance [f] + Embalm [m] + Bentham [m] Toxin

These are leftovers from previous litters. All are freebies. File sizes: 40kb
Dream [f] + Shadi [f] Dilly-dally Tephra [f] Deranged

These are leftovers from previous litters. All are freebies. File sizes: 40kb - 60kb
Truant Arebati Kelebek Ira Falk [m]

These are leftovers from previous litters. Demolition and Tristesse need applications. File sizes: 68kb - 78kb
Totem Tristesse [f] + Demolition [m] + Spindrift [f] Tillyvally

These are leftovers from previous litters. All are freebies. File sizes: 78kb - 100kb
Treason Dabbat Dagan Marajha [f] Nergis

These are leftovers from previous litters. Application for Trickery only. File sizes: 102kb - 173kb
Jiang [m] + Nebula [f] + Parfilage [f] Wether Trickery

These are leftovers from previous litters. Freebies except for Gurka. File sizes: 185kb - 210kb
Toujours Gai Damascene Calima [f] Encrypt Gurka [f]

These are leftovers from previous litters. Trek is a freebie. File sizes: 210kb - 385kb
Trek Thrifty Carraig [f] + Evangelos [m] Cougar

Requested litter. What gorgeous kittens! Puff tails on Destruction and Billabong. Hexes lines. File size: 380kb
Touch-Me-Not Destruction Jamal Epitaph [f] Billabong

Requested litter. These kitties came out gorgeous. Puff tails on all except Duchamp. Hexed lines. File size: 185kb
Lahut Aalu Yanagi [f] Athamas Duchamp

Requested litter. These kittens are all beauties! My favorite is but that's a hard pick! These cats are freebies due to file size. Hexed lines. File size: 870 kb
Pyrrhus Plutonic Embezzle Philauty [m] Amadeus

Requested litter. Aren't they gorgeous? My favorite is Derelict. Hexed lines. File size: 200 kb
Tornis Sakina Derelict [f] Torture Tampopo

Requested litter. I think they're very cute! Cameroon and December have poofy feet. Bee-bread has lovely white markings. Hexed lines. File size: 200kb
Passacaglia Depravity [m] December Cameroon Bee-bread

Requested litter. Aren't they lovely? Such pretty eyes on these babies. Hexed lines. File size: 130 kb
Yomo Alavidha [f] + Zukku [m] Discordia Tirana [f]

Requested litter. They are such cuties. Yukiko has fluffy little feet. Hex free. File size: 47 kb
Pasquinade Yukiko [f] + Surma [f] Ummei Freyr [m]

Agni was sent in to be bred with Streetwalker. They are hex-free and small filed. My favorite is Shango, he is slightly mini.
Zither [f] Deny Tisiphone [f] Botswana Shango

Requested litter. These two always produce gorgeous kittens. Hexed lines. File size: 80kb
Egyptian Blue [m] Tin Lizzie Reliquary Aglarond [m] Tirrivee

Requested litter. All are freebies except for Nikias and Tinker. Hexed lines. File size: 140 kb
Nikias Thulia [f] Strepsis Lucine [f] + Tinker [f]

Some poofty tails and texture in here! I love Tondo and Somavar's color schemes. Hexeds lines. File size: 140kb
Tellus [f] Tondo Straton [m] + Somavar [f] Peignoir

These guys are adorable. Disorder has a crooked Alley tail, which I love. Real cute, hexed lines. File size: 320kb
Woto [m] Disorder Eshe [f] + Lendi [m] + Titration [f]

Wheee, what pretty color patterns. These kittens are lovely. I especially love the black with ice blue eyes. hexed lines. File size: 220kb
Malaika Divided [f] Bor Amaranthine [f] Divvy

Aw, how I love these kittens. The eye colors! I adore the pinks and greens. Hexed lines. File size: 116 kb
Tipsy Dublin [m] + Toadstone [m] Yashi Cirrus

These little ones are sweet. My personal favorite is Thunderhead. Pooftails on Xerotic, Marraskuu and Sappho. Hexed lines. File size: 175 kb
Xerotic Thunderhead Wapasha Sappho [f] Marraskuu

Aw. =D I had to steal Confessor, I just couldn't resist. Though Yuzu is sexy as well, and Dis has pure black eyes. Hexed lines. File size: 123 kb
Rime [m] Yuzu Dis Deray [f] Confessor

Freebies. I adore Rocaille, and Tenenit's markings are awesome. Hexed lines. File size: 245kb
Timbrel [f] + Cordon [f] Rocaille Firith Tenenit

Ehehehee. Aren't they cuties? Tumbleweed is a special weakness of mine, though Duplicity is a darling as well. Hexed lines. File size: 114kb
Zeta [f] Thorn Tisane [m] Theron Duplicity

Requested litter. Aren't they gorgeous? I really like their colors. Sweetbrier has a pooftail. =D Hexed lines. File size: 77kb
Dire [f] Sweetbrier Elatea Deathwatch Claymore

Requested litter. Completely hex-free. =D Turin has Alley ears, which make him adorable. Freebies. File size: 40kb
Blancmange Mangalavar [f] Tiff Turin [m] Harakhti

Requested litter. Gah. Look at these beauties. Samlet is ungodly sexy. I love them. Hexed lines. File size: 106kb
Samlet Mirembe Dash [f] Anthomania Declaration [f]

Rory was sent in to be bred with Annika. Tharos is so gorgeous. =) Hexed lines, freebies. File size: 95kb
Disparity [f] + D'outre Mer [f] + Knobstick [m] Tharos Tref [f]

Requested litter. Fe was sent in to be bred with Justus. Egeria and Rozabela have normal tails. Hexed ancestry. File size: 220kb
Aiw Mollitude Egeria Rozabela [f] Bosch

Requested litter. Nephos is a freebie. Alsike, Krypton and Ashlar have such pretty eyes. Hexed lines. File size: 310kb
Alsike Thither Krypton [m] + Nephos [m] + Ashlar [f]

Requested litter. Aren't they beautiful? Puff tails on all but Epithet and Tango. I adore Tiamat's toes. Hexed lines. File size: 240kb
Epithet Bromine [m] Tango Aldalm Tiamat [f]

Poppin was sent in to be bred with Blarney. Wondrous results, no? So pretty. Hexed lines. File size: 545kb
Terror Tetanus Ixchel Cormar Tobacco [m]

Moria was sent in to be bred with Justus. =) I think they're vurry pretty hehe. Hexed lines. File size: 160kb
Eggnog Jaffe [f] + Endocrine [m] Entice Mellifluous

Hexed lines. Aw, aren't they lovely. Such nice green eyes. Elenya is the only one with a puff tail. File size: 380kb
Zoticus [m] Elenya Yonca [f] Ellesmere Azoto

Whee, these kittens rock my socks! Especially Crumble, he's yummy. Jarek has short legs. =P These babies tend to have attitudes, except Jarek and Sganarelle. File size: 166k
Jarek [m] Crumble Sganarelle Blitzkrieg Timeless [f]

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