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-- Dog Litters --

Naturally bred doggies, for your adopting enjoyment. Don't see any you like? Feel free to request a litter!

-All petz on this page (unless otherwise noted) will run in versions 3, 4 and 5 of the game-

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These dogs are 6th generation, non-inbred bulldogs with no hexed lineage. All natural mutations! They are all from the same parents. Small files.
8 [m] + 15 [m] + 18 [f]
16 [m] + 1 [f] + 7 [f] + 9 [m] + 6 [f] 3

A requested litter with really lovely results. Dragonet and Atalanta are slightly mini, Shakpana has cute little dachie booties. Hexed lines. File size: 200kb
Dragonet Atalanta Acamas Shakpana [m] + Berith [f]

Requested litter. Hexed lines. File size: ~90kb
Batten De Novo [m] Benedick Chrysanthous Noxa Eldritch [m] + Percheron [m]

Requested litter. Hexed lines. File size: ~90kb
Yudachi [m] + Baffona [f] + Divinity [m] + Ephialtes [m] + Erebus [f]

Requested litter. Hexed lines. File size: ~90kb
Sifer [f] + Petronius [m] + Pardine [m] Brock Priestley [m]

Requested litter. Nebo has black eyes, neat. Hexed lines. File size: ~150kb
Nebo Septembris [f] + Zappa [m] + Rivière [f] Cupid

Requested litter. These are some nice-looking puppies, lots of patches. Hexed lines. File size: ~60kb
Rosmarine [f] + Kepakemapa [f] Bridewell Heinlein Dove

Requested litter. I think these pups are gorgeous, even the oddball Argil. Hexed lines. File size: ~ 300kb
Amarth Argil [f] + Shtator [m] + Buchis [m] + Doré

A requested litter. Two beautiful dogz that make beautiful puppies! File size: 410kb
Shibboleth [f] Marx Citreous Rinderpest [f] + Hitchcock [m]

Lesha was sent in to be bred with Jacquard. File size about 80k.
Struthian Sursum [f] + Nietzche [m] Endless Bó [m]

Requested litters. These pups are gorgeous. Amine has a bobbed tail. If you want to make the files smaller after adoption, feel free to do that. File sizes: 820 kb
Brophy Voda [f] Amine Scian Peruna

Requested litter. I love these little beauties! Ricker is an absolute doll. File sizes: 66 kb
Ricker Chastity Pombe [f] Sanger Thimphu [f]

Leftovers from previous litters. All freebies except for Emulsify. File sizes: 46.5 kb - 53.1 kb
Elsass-lothringen Brig Sheol Sitara Emulsify [m]

Leftovers from previous litters. Freebies. File sizes: 54.0 kb - 62.6 kb
Dulcinea [f] + Corday [f] + Calabar [m] Wapiti

Leftovers from previous litters. File sizes: 120 kb - 122 kb
Testament [f] + Semiquote [m] + Phalarope [m] Bloodshed Dorchester [f]

Leftovers from previous litters. Menara and Drumble are freebies. File sizes: 122 kb - 159 kb
Menara [f] Eccentricity Morana Timbal [m] Drumble

Leftovers from previous litters. All freebies except Thanatos. File sizes: 166 kb - 203 kb
Zwitterion [f] Doe Elsinore Thanatos [m] + Walumbe [f]

Leftovers from previous litters. Viorel is a freebie. File sizes: 264 kb - 412 kb
Peppar [f] Effulgence Viorel [f] + Argento [m] + Tiistai [m]

Leftovers from previous litters. Freebies. File sizes: 416 kb - 696 kb
Thetis Drone Jagganath Corsair Kol

What a beautiful litter! I love these pups. Hexed lines. File size: 200kb
Tritium Shabrack [m] Sleekit Dungaree [f] + Yerevan [f]

Requested litter. Usagi is a freebie. hexed lines. File size: 280kb
Berquelio Aartappel Helah [f] Dunsany Usagi

Wheee, fluffies! Antigua and Enfield are SO gorgeous. Hexed lines. File size: 430 kb
Tenki [f] + Antigua [m] Enfield Philalethe [f] Eblis

Aren't these guys cute? The black puppies have spots. Aruba and Descartes have short tails. Hexed lines. File size: 215 kb
Biiru Eerie Aruba Zerii [f] Descartes

Requested litter. None are tiny like their mom, but they are still so adorable. Hexed lines. Atleast two of them trot (Patajhada and Cinnabar). File size: 460 kb
Philomel Patajhada Elucidate [f] Cinnabar Tyska

Requested litter. All but Cocaine are floppies. File size: 60 kb
Tårn Con Amore [m] + Anguilla [f] Passementerie Cocaine

Requested litter. Hex free. I especially love the little sausage pups. File size: 50 kb
Garagardo [m] + Pago Pago [m] + Anubis [m] Tomobolo Kama [m]

Aren't they adorable? They inherited their super mini-ness from their padre, Hobbit. Hexed lines. File size: 110 kb
Edmonton Divot Autunno [m] Shaddock Pia [f]

Requested litter. These are sexy puppers! They have hexed lines, and they do have fairly large files. Cerveza is adorable, she has spots but they are very sparse and randomly placed. File size: 580kb
Cerveza Elba Bujumbura Duo [m] + Zenography [m]

Okay so this is a little different from what I normally do. These pups are from ten different couples, bred with like seven different over-writing breed files in. They DO NOT require the extra files to play. I think they're cool. My favorites are Aire, Rotten and Quash.
Agnes Aire Amara Rotten Quash [f]
Mutt Andes Cedar Jeth Berry [m]

Damitz was sent in to be bred with Jacquard. This litter is hex-free. File size: 50 kb
Zhen [f] + Droll [f] + Sylph [f] Eclipse Dizzard

Requested litter. Aren't they adorable? Angola and Noelani are freebies. Hexed lines. File size: 50 kb
Either Cernunnos Eastbourne [m] Angola Noelani

Requested litter. Ehehehehe what little cutie pies!I especially adore Archimagus. Hexed lines. File size: 417 kb
Cardiac Clover [f] + Paradigm [f] Archimagus Ditto [m]

Requested litter. A very popular couple, these two. =) Hexed lines. File size: 118 kb
Toison [f] + Despair [f] Ered Macka [f] Alterity

Hex free lovelies. Taru has a silly barrel body. Breeding hex free mixies is always so much fun. File size: 43 kb
Document Taru Brigantine Ubiquity Subnubilar [f]

::giggles:: Silly hex-free mixies! Freebies. File size: 45 kb
Spritzer Éclair Marduk Kohlenstoff [m] + Caber [m]

Fuzzy sausage doggies are the best, though I must say that Baatsi has stolen my heart in this litter. Such a cute little thing! They are all gems. Hexed lines. File size: 85 kb
Ume [f] + Burletta [f] Dickens Casanova [m] Baatsi

Aww, these guys are such old school mixies. I remember when doggies like this were so popular. Hee. =P File size: 50kb
Brassage Electrode Terminus Demon [f] Ego

Awww. Sausage puppies! =D All of them have Mutt patches. My favorites are Eggplant and Drachma. Shashi and Wyn are freebies. Hexed lines. File size: 430kb
Dresden [m] Eggplant Shashi [m] + Wyn [f] Drachma

Awwww. How adorable. =D Loki and Ellipsis make me melt. Drachenfels is pretty damn cute, too. All boys for some reason - how odd. =P Hexed lines, uber cuteness. File size: 74kb
Ellipsis Dodge [m] + Drachenfels [m] Loki Trundle [m]

Aww, aren't they awesome? My favorites are Truly, Dislocation and Dissent. Hexed lines. File size: 47kb
Truly Beathan Dislocation Sagitta [f] Dissent

Lovely, Outlander themed floppities. Sara bred the pups for me. =D Hexed lines, beautiful babies. I stole Craigh na Dun. Woo! Freebies. File size: 89k
Geilie [f] + Lovat [m] Craigh na Dun Colum Arthur

Hex free sillies. =P Sheepie, Mutt, Poodle, Dali, Dane, and maybe some others. Cutie pies, my favorite is Fabrice. Subliminal is tiny, and thinks he is a Poodle. Freebies. File size: 44k
Ceren [f] + Tali [f] + Siberia [f] Subliminal Fabrice

A rather strange, yet cute, litter. Big puppies that don't grow up to be *that* big - they grow into their parts, promise. My favorites are Breakaway and Tiki, they are just lovely. Hexed lines. Freebies. File size: 43k
Crispin Daring [f] + Cupcake [m] Breakaway Tiki

Requested litter. Tryphosa has a bobbed tail and Otieno has a Sheepdog body. Castlereagh is my favorite, for his gorgeous spotted patches. Hexed lines. File size: 487k
Tryphosa [f] + Castlereagh [m] Sprite Therefore Otieno [m]

GAH! These dogs are gorgeous. I want to keep Plato and Talari. How could I pick one? ::faints:: Such beautiful puppies. Hexed lines. File size: 483k
Plato Sakura [f] + Cambridge [m] + Citadel [m] Talari

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