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Special Requests

Here you can make some special requests of me. You can:

1. Pick two of my petz for a natural litter. Any two petz, and you will get first pick from the resulting litter.

2. Breed one of your petz with one of mine, for a litter. You will get first pick from this litter.

E-mail me at to make your request(s). Include specifics, like if your pet has hexed ancestry or needs special files. I can breed petz from games 3, 4 or 5. If the pet you are sending is for version 5, please let me know in your e-mail, so I open the correct game. =) You can also ask me questions about my petz before suggesting one of the three options. Now get requesting!
Note; I cannot accept petz with huge files to be bred with mine. My e-mail can't take it, and I honestly don't like breeding puppies and kittens that end up with massive sizes. So please only send petz with file sizes under one megabyte. Thanks. =)