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This may very well be my soulmate of fandoms. Considering the kind of things I enjoy, lovey-dovey boy-on-boy, y'know, I don't think it's possible to find a better fandom. The slash is so close to being canon it's amazing. And even if you don't see the sexual aspect, just the bond of friendship and platonic love between Starsky and Hutch is breathtaking, and they aren't shy about showing it. Mostly I read slash in this fandom - it's just too perfect to resist, and anything het really rubs me the wrong way with these two (though I can stomach reading about their canon hetero-adventures, since those relationships all ended while the boy-bond remained, heh) but this fandom also has its share of slash-friendly gen fics. Hell, to be in-character with these two, "gen" fics are practically slash, anyway. ;D Starsky and Hutch are number one to each other, and that's what it's all about - love, caring, protection, companionship...being partners. Swoon.

Currently: 85 recs

A World Full of Jokers - Verlaine
Slash. Labeled as an AU, I had avoided this story since I never really see the point in reading AU-fics. Turns out this story features an alternature universe but has our universe and our familiar guys as well and it's actually awesome. Creative, dramatic and sexy! Really just a fantastic read.

Along for the Ride - Lacey McBain
Slash. PG. I love when it seems that everyone else realizes how they feel about each other before they realize it themselves.

Another Day, Another Miracle - jat sapphire
Slash. A heat-wave in 1989 makes them both a little crazy ... which can be a good thing. It hurts a little, I can't help feeling pain for them both, but there is healing, too.

Autumn - Susan
Slash. A little snippet of an older-SH. It's a very short piece but each word is perfect and meaningful and paints such a vivid picture.

Beneath the Skin - Lamardeuse
Slash. NC17. Hutch's investigation of a difficult case forces him to confront his greatest fear. Lamardeuse is a wonderful writer and crafts such deep, intense stories. Here we have a poor, sweet, fucked-up Hutch and luckily for him Starsky is there to catch him before he really crashes and burns. There are some insanely powerful scenes here, such as when Hutch loses it in the strip mall and near the end when Starsky is convincing Hutch to ask for what he wants. Wow. =D

Blood on the Sun - Kassidy
Slash. This is very, very dark. It's powerful, it's scary, it's painful...

Blood Test - Minnie K and Blood Ties - Sarah Problem
Gen/Pre-slash and Slash. R/NC17. After weeks of overtime, and the flu, a quiet weekend seemed like a good idea. Until Starsky's past comes back to haunt the partners, that is. Blood Test and its sequel Blood Ties are really great. I really enjoy fics featuring Starsky's brother Nick. I prefer Blood Test to Blood Ties, but both are definitely worth the read.

Blue - Morgan Logan
Slash. Hutch gets shot, and gives Starsky a goodbye kiss. This causes Problems.

Boys of Summer - Paula Wilshe
Slash. PG. A post-Sweet Revenge vacation in Duluth can't be simple for the boys. This one is pretty light with adorable interactions and Hutch h/c.

Candy Cheeks - Bliss
Slash. Committed relationship scenario. Seriously I almost skipped this one because of the title, I am so glad that I didn't. It's unique and it's majorly hot. I think that just reading this gave me a new kink...it certainly gave me a brand new sexy image to contemplate.

Capella - Ellis Murdock
Slash? Gen? It doesn't matter. They are together and that's enough.

Caught Lightning - Morgan Logan
Slash. post-SR, Hutch pines and Starsky has to make a decision. Holy crap this is amazing. Makes all my emotions catch in my throat. Morgan Logan sure knows how to hurt Hutch.

Cliffhanger - Rae
Slash. Just what it sounds like. I think my favorite part of this is imagining how Hutch felt, and how he would have felt had things gone differently.

Compassion's Heart - Charlotte Frost
Slash. NC17. When Starsky takes a trip back to New York, Hutch is left alone on a gruesome case. This is a hurt/comfort freakin' bonanza.

Consummatum Est - Terri Beckett
Slash. Not a happy story. It's messed up but this pushes a good button for me.

Crush - Kaye
Slash. It's just a moment in the day to day of the boys. It's an observation. It's the thing they tried so hard to ignore during most of S4. A beautiful little ficlet, intense and light at the same time.

Descry! - Elizabeth Lowry
Slash. I love this. It's from an outside perspective of the duo, which I adore, and it's got Hutch as raging and rabid in his protection of Starsky. Also the tiny little details get me, just the brief one line mentions like the water-fight and the shower curtain..really make the fic for me.

Día de los Muertos - Morgan Logan
Slash. Hutch is feverish. Really quite wonderful, this one has a unique premise and as is this author's specialty, a suffering Hutch. ;D

Did I Tell You? - CC
Slash. PG. A rewrite of the tag to "Shootout". Maybe more like "preslash". A sweet little piece.

Dreaming in Color - Ioannia
If Starsky had died... This is so beautifully done, and powerful too. I can so vividly see Hutch as an avenging angel.

Dumping Dolores - Libra Three
Slash. Starsky and Hutch go undercover at a mountain resort to help an old friend of Captain Dobey uncover the mystery behind two brutal murders. Other stuff happens. Wheee, there is plot *and* sex! Starsky and Hutch are so sweet and stupid about getting together.

Easy - Nyssa
NC17. Progression of a partnership.

Equilibrium - Morgan Logan
Slash. Post-SR, Starsky fights to recover and Hutch struggles to accept the past...and their possible future. Hutch is a lot screwed up, but that just makes him more loveable, right?

False Accusation - Lutra Cana
Slash. This story takes a fairly different route with its portrayel of Hutch's parents than most do, which is interesting to read. The support that springs up around Starsky in a time of crisis is impressive. I also really adore the relationship between the boys here, it's written so sweetly.

First Dance - cbreks
Slash. Just a short little snippet, the title is pretty explanatory.

Five Times Starsky and Hutch Kissed in the Torino - morgan logan
Slash. NC17. It's not too long but it's morgan logan, one of my favorite SH authors!

For the Man Who Has Everything - Dawnwind
PG. Starsky is injured on Christmas Eve. Short and sweet.

Four People Who Knew and One Who Didn't - Kaye
Slash. A short thing, but it's worth it. I absolutely adore the outside perspectives, and the inevitability of it all.

Four Score and Ten - morgan logan
Slash. NC17. "Four score and ten years ago, Hutch and me set forth in this metropolis in order to clean the streets of scum like you." Starsky felt a huge satisfaction as he finished cuffing the perp, who was looking dazed from either the punch to the jaw or Starsky's brilliant elocution. A nice, hot, first-time story.

Fragile - Reggie
PG. Hutch has a hard time coping with the possibility of Starsky going back to work. Who can resist an angsty, self-destructive Hutch?

Gazing - lamardeuse
Slash. NC17. A beautiful piece, this author is so talented.

Golden, But No Lady - Lyrical Soul
Slash. A pretty ficlet. Understated and spare in a good way. I have a soft spot for fics with slow-dancing.

Heart Failure - Callisto
Slash.A death fic snippet. And christ, what a snippet. I read it maybe three or four times in a row when it was first posted. It makes me want to bawl my eyes out but it's just so beautifully written.

Heatwave - Syn Ferguson
Slash. Amazingly hot getting together story with glorious descriptive imagery. Also a Hutch that gets the shit kicked out of him, poor thing.

Home - Laura McEwan
Pre-slash. Starsky's home. A quiet, intimate and touching little snippet.

Homecoming - Lucy and Cheryl M
Gen. Starsky and Hutch go to NYC on police business but take some time to visit with Starsky's mother and brother. This fic emphasizes how Hutch is the most important part of Starsky's life, more so even than family, and I really enjoy that element.

Home Fires: Gadgets, Wheels, and Mountains, Valleys, Plains - Verlaine
Slash. PG. A little series with the older guys living together. These stories are lovely little snippets of life, written with warmth, humor, realism...I really delight in all the tiny details while being moved by the larger issues woven throughout.

Hour of Separation - Sylvia Bond
Slash. Starsky and Hutch are assigned to new partners. I love the slow, natural progression into slash here, as well as all the little details of their close relationship, and the description of their physical closeness. Mmmm.

In Spirit - Libra Three
Slash. NC17. A post-Sweet Revenge tale with light angst, light supernatural angle, light smut ... just generally light.

Interferences, Turbulences and Uncertainties - Keri Mera
Slash. NC17. November 1978: After the ultimate betrayal of trust, Starsky and Hutch's friendship faces its greatest challenge. and in the sequel Turbulences: May 1979: Starsky is shot and Hutch has a hard time coping. These stories are filled with so much passion it's simply wonderful. Uncertainties pretty epic: August 1979: While gang war terrorizes the city, Starsky and Hutch are struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of the shooting.

Just Another One of Starsky's Dirty Moves - Flamingo
Slash. Committed relationship, moving into their own house and Hutch has a few issues. Really hot stuff here.

Just Supposing, 2, 3 and 4 - Nicola
Slash. Forty post-SR drabbles, ten to each part. Normally I have no use for drabbles, but I guess when you have forty of them in a row, it's a story, isn't it? There's something really appealing here. Make sure you read the title definitions in parts 3 and 4.

Keep It Precious - Charlotte Frost
Slash. NC17. After a close call, Starsky and Hutch question their future. Some parts are a little schmaltzy, with "entwining souls" etc, but I still enjoyed the story and it made me smile.

Living a Different Lie - Verlaine
Slash. PG. Cadet Dave Starsky has a talk with his old friend John Blaine. Maybe pre-slash. What a great little exchange here, I absolutely adore the description that Starsky gives of Hutch, and the way he feels...it's just beautiful.

Lucky Seven - morgan logan
Slash. Starsky is kidnapped. He bleeds a lot. I just like the way this one goes.

Lying In Wait - Charlotte Frost
Slash. Starsky has to go in for surgery. A great getting-together story.

Many Moons - morgan logan
Slash. After Hutch is almost killed, Starsky gets drunk and changes the nature of their relationship. Now Starsky wants to forget, and Hutch cannot.

Missing You - Susan
Slash. Phone sex.

Night Vision - Thayln
Slash. Starsky brings Hutch home. A lovely little piece about pain and healing and reconnection.

Not Precisely Cupid - Verlaine
Slash. If the end of Starsky v Hutch had gone a little differently...An outside perspective piece, which is one of my weaknesses. The part where Starsky says, "Hutch? Babe?"...that part just kills me.

Outcome - Lamardeuse
Slash. After a surprising revelation from Kiko, Starsky and Hutch re-evaluate their relationship. This is one of my favorite stories ever. It's just amazing. It's one of those stories where the boys slide into the slash in a wonderful way, and they realize that everything they've always wanted is right there next to them. One of my absolute favorite lines goes something like, "Maybe we've always been a little bit in love" - and isn't that just so perfectly true?

Pigs in Space - morgan logan
Slash. AU. So normally I have no interest in Alternate Universe fics, but I have this compulsion to read everything that morgan logan writes. I'm glad I did, this not only surprised me but made me laugh and smile as well.

Promises To Keep - Teri White
Gen. But it's the special kind of gen that can satisfy a slashy little heart like mine. It's a real nail-biter, too.

Revelation, Affirmation and Affirmation II: Life and Death - Kaye Austen Michaels
Slash. A wonderful post-SR series. I prefer the Affirmations sequence but Revelations is also worth reading, not too mention it's the "getting together" bit. The Affirmation stories are very compelling. It's hard to imagine Starsky & Hutch working separately, but the author manages to make it work, capturing both the joy and the wistful feelings.

Serve and Protect - Lucy
Slash. I was absolutely terrified about half way through this thing, but by the time I got to the end I was just wishing it would go on longer! Really well-written and emotionally captivating.

Shadow of a Dream - CC
Slash. NC17. What happened to put that beautiful smile on Hutch's face in the tag for "Snowstorm"?

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot - Rebelcat
Slash. PG. We got a bit of almost everything here. Hurt/comfort, humor, romance, a barely-there case, a couple of holidays. I love the author's style, it's got such zing, she turns a great phrase. I really enjoy how adorable Hutch is here, and the New Year's Eve bit is great.

Sky Blue and Black - Sylvia Bond
Slash. The boys get hurt, there is guilty Hutch, there is such sweet angst. Seriously I love this story. Sylvia Bond is awesome. The gradual slide into slash is so lovely and there are some scenes that make my chest ache with emotion.

Soft Like Velvet - Bliss
Slash. I was divided over this one, warring with myself over whether I wanted to put it here or not. It's really well-written and the hood-sharing part is so sexy, but I'm always a bit squicked by rimming, especially when it's so vividly described. But I guess what it comes down to is that there is so much love here, and that makes all they do together wonderful. Also, Hutch calls Starsky "octopus". I've only read two stories by Bliss, this one and Candy Cheeks, she's a great writer but I've come to the conclusion that she's awfully perverted as well. ;D

Spinning - Morgan and Jadis
Slash. R. A small vignette where a kiss and promise hang in the air. This is really sexy and has a great atmosphere.

Starsky and Hutch Slash Virtual Seasons
NC17. Slash. This is kind of a monumental rec, since there are dozens of stories in this project, all of a really good length. Seasons 5 and 6 seem to be full-length seasons but 7 is maybe half-size and then 8 is just a handful of stories. I guess the whole thing kind of faded out over the years or something - not sure exactly why that happened and it's kind of a shame. Having the opportunity to follow the guys for years at a time in the same fic universe is pretty unique and very enjoyable. There are a bunch of writers that contributed to this, and out of all of them there is only one author that I really can't stand, and thus only three stories out of many that I really didn't like or couldn't stand to read. These authors really think of great situations to put the guys in, and of course new ways to beat them up. ;) There are some really amazing, intense, poignant moments here. Last thing, read the "graphics free" versions of each story in order to avoid the cheesy photo-manips.

Starsky's Car - Lyrical Soul
Slash. Older boys, actually takes place right at the end of the Starsky & Hutch movie. Great interactions, it's really sweet and humorous.

Strange Days - Lucy
Slash. A nice-sized story, this one has a really interesting plot as well as the beautiful, natural fade into slash that really steals my heart. This is the first Starsky & Hutch fic that I ever read - I'm glad my first time was such a positive experience. ;D

Stuck On You - Dawn
A little bit of hurt/comfort.

Subordinate Clause - Nicola
Slash. This is really beautiful. Not quite a story, not quite a poem, just very lovely.

Sweet Submission - CC
Slash. R. When their sex life hits a bump in the road, Starsky decides a trip to a toy store of a different sort is in order. Cute and funny and kinda hot, too.

Tandem: Plaguing Perspectives and Tandem - Paula Wilshe & Hutchrules3
Gen and Slash. For Plaguing Perspectives: Recently released from the hospital post-plague, Hutch is still not feeling up to par, and is tired and frustrated. Some quiet time at home helps both he and Starsky put into perspective what they have both been through as they strive to find peace and closure after the ordeal. It's short and really sweet and cozy. You know it's only "gen" because the dummies haven't figured it out yet. ;D The slash in Tandem is very, very mild but this is a lovely story that has so many things in its favor - Starsky h/c, sick-Hutch, Christmas presents, Hutch defending Starsky, an adorable nephew...certainly an enjoyable read.

Ten Percent Solution - Kaye
Slash. SH/House crossover. I know absolutely nothing about the show "House", but it's really not necessary when it comes to enjoying this story. Older Starsky and Hutch, a health crisis, a lot of bad attitude and an amazing little "getting together" flashback....it's all great. Not too mention big, angry, worried Hutch.

That's Rock and Roll - Paula Wilshe
Slash. Hutch has the flu. Just a little fluffy thing. Sweet.

The Big Front, Feeling Big and Welcome to the Bigs - Morgan Logan
Slash. Hutch plays Mr. Ice on the job, and Starsky has doubts. Morgan Logan is an amazing S/H author. This series is well-written, and hot, and unique, too. Poor sweet Hutch and his emotional problems!

The Death of the Six-Week Rule - Valentin
Slash. R. Hutch sees a lot more clearly when he's blind. Just wonderful. It has a unique premise, the writing is fabulous, it's funny and it's hot and there is a freaking tandem bicycle. The only way this could be better would be if it was longer!

The Grinch's Gift - morgan logan
Slash. Hutch changes his mind about Christmas, and it's cute. A short little piece. I love how Hutch is trying so hard.

The Last Charade - Rosemary
Slash. I think my favorite part of this is Andy's perspective on how they act with each other.

The Salt Point - Isabel Ortiz
Slash. In Upstate New York, the salt point is where the fresh water of the Hudson River turns salty, where it meets and commingles with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is an elusive place with constantly shifting parameters, a place whose boundaries are impossible to fix as fresh water and salt water merge, blending together in a unique and mutual redefinition. What a beautiful metaphor for the fluidity of sexuality, and for a changing relationship, not too mention the "where do I end and you begin" way that Starsky & Hutch live. This takes place immediately after the death of John Blaine.

The Sleeper Wakes - Morgan Logan
Slash. Dreams can be a guide to life. They can also be awful confusing.

The Smell of Sex - Jeylan
Slash. NC17. They lived in each other's pockets anyway, each other's cars, apartments, lives -- trying things on, tossing things around, switching roles when it suited them. The title scared me a bit, but the story is totally worth reading. It's a journey.

The View From the Bottom - Rebelcat
Slash. Hutch is so wonderful and vulnerable here, except when he's beating the crap out of someone, but that's awesome too.

The Week - Kaye Austen Michaels
Slash. NC17. Hutch keeps a journal of a crucial week in his life, May 7- May 13, 1979, when he and Starsky vacation at a San Diego County mansion owned by friends of Hutch's parents. Supposedly a time of healing from the rift left by the partners' feud over Kira, the week turns into much more. There is a bit of a supernatural aspect to this fic, but not enough to turn me off or to in any way stop it from being totally awesome.

The Weight of Fog and Weighing the Differences - Valentin
Slash. NC17 and PG. Fog can be a prison or a sanctuary. Very sexy "realization" story with a sweet and amusing little follow-up.

Thus Spake Zarathustra - Dawnwind
Gen hurt/comfort. Okay, the author says it's "gen" but it reads like slash to me. :D

To Sleep - morgan logan
Slash. Hutch watches Starsky sleep. Poor Hutch is so sweet and messed up.

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Flamingo
Slash. Completely amazing. This is the fic that really got me so obsessed with this fandom. It's really long, 25 chapters, and has gorgeous illustrations. It's hot, it's emotional, there's drama and angst... When I read this fic the first time, I had to stop after reading Chapter 22 and read the whole chapter again before I could go on, it was so powerful. The original characters are great...really, the only thing I think I would change about this fic is that I'd have Hutch lose the mustache in the first few lines!

Victoria's Secret - Forbes
Slash. NC17. Starsky is less than impressed with their new undercover assigment, but Hutch is more concerned that his feelings towards his partner are slowly changing. There are some minor typos scattered throughout that can be a bit distracting, but this story is really engaging and entertaining and there is a great original character.

Walls of Glass - Charlotte Frost
Slash. The boys go to see the Wrath of Khan.

Winds of Change - Rae
Slash. NC17. A loss, a cold case, kidnappings, and murder, and a change in the guys' relationship.