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Welcome to BAKC. I am back! The name doesn't really mean anything anymore, so don't worry about it. My name is Blue and I've been in the petz community with the same website for something like 10 years. BAKC has had a spotty history during my college years, but here it is again. This has been made possible entirely through the generosity of my host Luli at Chestnut!

Last updated: Sept 07 2008

News with the site - I've added 2 new dog litters - 1 mixed and 1 purebred, mutated bulldogs. I also fiddled with the "About" page a little, including adding pics of my pet rats. I also added a last.FM widget-doodle at the bottom of this page.

My newest pet (my first new pet in....4 years or so), Dittany. She is a 6th generation, non-inbred, hex-free, purebred bulldog all from my own lines. You can adopt her brothers and sisters on the "Dog Litters" page.

In real life news, my 24th birthday is on September 10. Christ I am getting old, I had my dad buy me Catz II when I was like...thirteen. Yikes!

Just a reminder: All adoptions are FREEBIES regardless of what it says on the litter and single page.


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